Need A Coffee Fix?

BATD ON Jan 27, 2011 AT 9:04 am

White Glo Coffee and Tea toothpaste

White Glo Coffee and Tea toothpaste

We love our lattes and extra shot cappuccinos but we don’t love what they do to our teeth.

Keeping our smile as bright and white as possible is scuppered every time we down a vente or a cuppa so anything that gets a gleam going is good with us.

Australia’s No1 selling toothpaste range, White Glo, is just about to launch their Tea & Coffee toothpaste (sadly it doesn’t taste of macchiato) that forms a barrier to prevent caffeine staining as well as eliminating any existing discolouration. Micro polishing particles deal with stains to leave teeth whiter and glossier.

So, next time you’re on the espresso shots you really have something to smile about.


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