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There’s a reason that, as women, when the first grey hairs hit, we hot foot it over to our colourist and plead with them to fix the situation as quickly and beautifully as they can. Grey hairs are infinitely unflattering to women, it’s a hard colour to work with, and when we are using all the cream and potions available to keep those dreaded wrinkles at bay, allowing a few silver streaks to interrupt our glossy blow-out would simply undo all our earnest anti-aging efforts. Men have it slightly easier. In some cases, they even look better with a bit of weathering, crows feet and grey. George Clooney is of course a shining example. However it doesn’t stop them from becoming self conscious about the matter, and there is nothing wrong or unmanly about making an attempt to cover them up. Especially when the process is as quick and easy as the one provided by the new Just For Men AutoStop.

Just For Men AutoStop

The guy-friendly benefits of this new little wonder? It’s pretty foolproof. There’s no mixing involved, no mess. All he has to do is attach the nifty little comb to the tube, squeeze and comb the product into the hair where desired, leave for ten minutes, and shampoo out. Done. As for the fear that the newly dyed hair will give him a blanket wig-like Bruce Jenner-esque effect that will make him long for his grey hairs back, well he need not worry. The new Just For Men AutoStop is made with a unique self-timing technology that ensures the product halts when the hair has reached its target colour, and goes no further. It also only targets grey hair, ensuring the rest of the hair remains uncoloured. The results are therefore both subtle and natural if the right colour has been chosen. This is also the first hair colour product without either ammonia or peroxide, making it the gentlest on the market. Any chance a Just For Women will be coming out soon? No? Darn.

So you can see the results for yourself we asked our silver fox personal trainer to give it a go.



Say hello to our new not-so-silver fox trainer!

Just For Men AutoStop (35g) is priced at £8.96 and available from Boots, Superdrug, Sainsbury’s, Tesco, Asda and Waitrose.

*This is a sponsored post.


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