New Labelling Laws for Beauty Products

BATD ON Jul 15, 2013 AT 10:47 am

You can’t put a limit on beauty – or so we thought, until this past Thursday, the European Union announced a new Cosmetics Regulation that has been three years in the making.

Under the new guidance, we can now count on our favourite mascara to not only emphasize our best features, but also to keep us as health – and informed – as possible.

Beauty labels

We’re breaking out the magnifying mirror for this one, as each product in the beauty category  will now be placed under much greater scrutiny than ever before, with each item undergoing a rigorous European electronic notification system, where its safety will be thoroughly evaluated, before it can be sold to market.

Lipsticks and eyeshadows, amongst a whole host of other beauty and make up products will be marked with labels as “responsible persons” once they pass through the system with flying colors. Without this signifying phrase printed on the product label – beauty supplies will not be shelved nor should they be sold.

Beauty Labels

Amidst the clever change in labelling, product ingredients will not be altered and consumers will be informed of exactly what they are slathering onto their skin, or lining their eyes with.

These new rules make for safer, clearer beauty shopping while inevitably creating a much more honest buyer – seller relationships. And who can blame us for really wanting to know what we’re slicking onto our lips and coating our lashes with?

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