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Mimi ON Nov 24, 2010 AT 3:33 pm

anthropologie frangrance

Poudre D'Orient and Chant de Bois

Anthropologie is introducing their highly anticipated fragrance partnership between with Le Labo, the New York-based cult fragrance house.

The line was created exclusively for Anthropologie and features five unique and historically inspired scents formulated by Le Labo founders Fabrice Penot and Edouard Roschi.  In the spirit of traditional French perfume guild practices, each scent is made of natural, high-quality ingredients.

anthropologie fragrance

Bouquet Blanc

The five perfumes are Chant de Bois  (a feminine wood), Belle Du Soir (a musky chypre), Orange Discrète (a clean citrus), Poudre D’Orient (an oriental blend) and Bouquet Blanc (a decadent floral).

With this line, Le Labo continues its quest for high perfumery with zero animal cruelty—no products have been tested on animals or contain animal ingredients.

The fragrances cost £44 for the 50 ml. bottle, £20 for the concrete perfume and £26 for the candle.

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