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by Valirie Morgan

No. 42 The Flower Shop

No. 42 The Flower Shop

Bath time has been forever changed with the introduction of two fresh, perfectly fresh spring fragrances in the Jo Loves bath cologne collection: A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas and No. 42 The Flower Shop. The new formulation of bath colognes took Jo herself two years to pioneer and perfect, combining her signature approach to luxury fragrance with an innovative spin and creating a positively to-die-for bathing experience! The combination and subtle balance of fragrances makes her florist experience evident.

‘I wanted to create a product that looked and felt the same as pouring cologne into the bath, beautifully fragranced to gently scent the skin but not sticky, heavy or leaving an oily residue.’ said Jo.

The result of her work is an incredibly relaxing and heavenly-fragranced addition to any bath. After pouring a liberal amount of your chosen scent under warm running water, all that’s left is to lay back in the bath and close your eyes while being immersed in the scent as it fills the air. When it’s time to get back to reality, gently pat your skin dry so that the fragrance will settle and stay with you — no need for perfume when you’ve got the lingering scent of spring flowers all around you! Plus, the bath colognes will leave your skin feeling silky and smooth. Is there anything better?

The first new addition to the Jo Loves collection is A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas, which delivers exactly what its name promises. It’s a dainty, fresh and airy fragrance that perfectly represents all things spring and flowery. With notes of ylang, Seville orange, bitter orange, rose petals, marigold and cypress bark, the scent doesn’t actually contain sweet peas but somehow manages to conjure up a very lovely representation of the in-season flowers. Jo said the inspiration for this fragrance came from the candyfloss colours of sweet peas, as well as watercolour lilacs, cherry pinks, and bridal white: ”There is nothing more beautiful than huge bunches of this delicate flower, and a fresh shot instantly brings the scent to life season after season.”

A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas

A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas

No. 42 The Flower Shop is the other fragrance making its debut in the collection, and it’s an excellent reminder that spring is right around the corner. The scent contains notes of crushed green leaves, mandarin juice, peonies, muguet, freesia, jasmine, narcisse, iris, white musk, moss and patchouli — and while that sounds like a lot, No. 42 The Flower Shop is carefully crafted so as not to be too potent or overpowering! It’s my favorite of the two because it’s sweet and light, yet encompasses all the complex scents of springtime. Jo explained that her inspiration for this scent came from memories of working as a florist on Elizabeth Street when she was just 16: “No. 42 The Flower Shop encompasses all of those memories. Put simply, it’s an abundance of fragrant floral blooms and fresh green leaves as nature intended.”

Both A Shot of Fresh Sweet Peas and No. 42 The Flower Shop are available at the Jo Loves shop on Elizabeth Street, and a 200 ml bottle is £59. The rest of the bath cologne collection includes fragrances Pomelo, Green Orange & Coriander, and Pink Vetiver.



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