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Mimi ON Nov 25, 2009 AT 2:56 pm

 ColorOn Eyeshadow Transfers

ColorOn Eyeshadow Transfers

We’re on the hunt for time saving tips as the party season looms, so when we stumbled across ColorOn we knew we’d found the ultimate in low maintenance beauty.

ColorOn are single use eye shadow applicators, a transfer if you will, that comes loaded with perfectly blended colours, all you need to do is stick it on your lid, smooth the shadow and hey presto simple smoky eyes.  For the daring our American friends tell us they even have leopard and snakeskin prints, Ooh la la. The mineral shadows come in a whole selection of colours to suit all skin and hair tones, so surely all that time saving means more time for cocktails and canapés…anyone for a Cosmo?

ColorOn is available from Selfridges £16.50 for a kit containing 10 transfers

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