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Mimi ON Aug 25, 2011 AT 1:26 pm

Nicole Richie ponytail

Nicole Richie looking chic with a high ponytail

By The Beauty Button

Nicole Richie is definitely a far cry from the plump BFF of Paris Hilton a few years ago, just check out how chic she looks leaving Il Sole restaurant in West Hollywood last night (24.8.11).

We are not only in love with her outfit (very cute coat and clutch with edgy shoes) but we adore her cute and very sleek high ponytail. It’s no easy feat to make a high ponytail look this sophisticated OR to make blonde hair look this shiny, however her stylist Andy Lecompte managed it! During my search for a good pap shot of the hairstyle, I stumbled over Elle’s interview with Andy about how he created it so I thought I’d share it all with you lovely lot….

‘To get Nicole’s 1960s inspired fringe and pony…

To start, I used Wella Professionals Dry Thermal Image Heat Protection Spray, £7.60, on each section of Nicole’s already dried hair, before I ironed it. The spray protects the hair, gives it shine and a great texture to work with.

Next, I pulled out a ‘Mohawk’ section of hair and clipped it out of the way for later – this is the fringe (to frame the face) and a bit of the top hair to wrap around the pony.

I pulled the rest of the hair into a super high pony at the crown of the head with two snag-free elastics. Using two elastics helps to give the pony more volume.

Next, I released the ‘Mohawk’ section of hair and lightly blasted it with the hairdryer to find a parting and to blow out any kinks that may have been made while it was clipped away.

Then, leaving the face framing fringe, I took the rest of the hair (the long bits) into two sections on both sides of the head and one at a time wrapped them around the pony to hide the elastics. I then secured with pins.

I finished off with a mist of Wella Professionals Finish Super Set Finishing Spray, £8 to smooth flyaways and add shine.’

NB: If you really want your blonde hair to stay shiny, use Ojon® Damage Reverse™ Restorative Hair Treatment (£32.50) overnight and that should sort you out!

What do you think? Would you rock this look??

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