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by Annie Vischer

Olivia Palermo opts for NIP + FAB Tummy Fix

Olivia Palermo opts for NIP + FAB Tummy Fix

If there’s one beauty range that really sticks to its ‘does what it says on the tin’ mantra, it is NIP + FAB. Founded by former beauty editor Maria Hatzistefanis and launched in 2010, the brand has enjoyed somewhat of a cult following, and a notable population of fans amongst the A List set. Olivia Palermo is said to swear by the NIP + FAB Tummy Fix, which promises to improve skin tone and texture around the abdominal area. If the sun drenched images of Miss Palermo holidaying with her dashing beau this summer are anything to go by, it’s clear that this little wonder cream is doing the job.

Victoria Beckham is also said to be a big fan of the brand, and Jennifer Aniston is apparently rarely without her tube of NIP + FAB Dry Leg Fix, which contains a unique formula aquaxyl™ to give intense hydration and shine.

Most recently, superstar makeup artist Charlotte Tilbury tweeted from her New York fashion week post, that her saviour du jour was the NIP + FAB Stiletto Fix, a soothing balm that cools and protects overtired feet. In her tweet Tilbury hailed it a ‘fashion week #shoeemergency essential! @NipandFab @mediahubb #nyfw #ctfw’ as well as adding a picture of her hero product. Surely there can be no better trial for a foot balm than with a chief makeup artist flitting here, there and everywhere backstage at New York fashion week, especially one who recently admitted to owning 350 pairs of shoes, none of which are flats. We are agog with admiration!

As girls, we all have our hangups. If we have curly hair, we long for a naturally straight mane, if we have a sheet of glossy straight hair the curling tong is constantly within reach on the dressing table. Body wise, those with an hour glass figure will crave boyish svelteness, whilst tiny-hipped girls will grab at clothes that give them the illusion of curves. No matter how confident we are, we are destined to always want a little bit more. A little more toned muscle here, a little less pigmentation there. Luckily for us NIP + FAB has most things covered. Consider the range a fairy godmother on hand with every magical potion you could wish for. ‘Dull skin darling? Oh never fear, here’s the 365 Body Glow Fix…what’s that? Tired eyes? Oh well you must have the Bright Eyes Fix!’. It’s the beauty world version of ‘bibbity bobbity boo!’, with the added bonus that we’re allowed to stay out well past midnight.

NIP + FAB, from £9.95, available at

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