NIVEA celebrates with Rihanna

Mimi ON Jul 04, 2011 AT 5:03 pm

Rihanna for NIVEA's 100th year campaign

Rihanna for NIVEA's 100th year campaign

On May 15 NIVEA launched their global campaign, “ 100 Years Skincare for Life” and you may well have seen that they’ve signed up international star Rihanna as the voice of its global campaign. However, they didn’t just sign her, they signed her song “California King Bed” too and it is set to accompany the whole international affair!

Rihanna’s song has just the lyrics that NIVEA were looking for as they perfectly capture the close connections and the intimacy of touch “Chest to chest. Nose to nose. Palm to palm. We were always just that close.”

NIVEA Blue Boat

The NIVEA Blue Boat cocktail party before Rihanna's performance

“I think if you feel comfortable within your skin, it shows,” says Rihanna (whose Grandmother apparently introduced her to the brand when she was very small).

“NIVEA and I have teamed up to celebrate their 100th year anniversary which I am very, very excited about and honoured and proud to be a part of.”

Rihanna performing

Rihanna performing on the NIVEA Blue Boat

NIVEA’s marketing budget for 2011 is in the region of one billion euros and around 70 percent of this is being invested in the new campaign, which is expected to strengthen the brand and further build NIVEA’s position as the number one skin care brand. In the meantime, Rihanna will bring a new generation of NIVEA users, includes 50,000 facebook fans increase in 5 days!

BATD had the pleasure of heading to Hamburg with NIVEA to see Rihanna perform on the NIVEA Blue Boat and we can safely say she’s one heck of a brand ambassador!

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Watch the California King Bed video below:


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