Nivea’s Nifty Beauty Advert Turned Phone Charger

BATD ON Jun 10, 2013 AT 1:17 pm

Summer’s finally supposed to be here and yet with barely a hint of sun in sight, we’d readily sell our souls (or just max out our credit cards) for an instantaneous sunkissed glow combined with relaxation and the breezy smell of sunscreen and salt water, the waves washing over the sun-baked sand.

Nivea Solar Power Ad

Nivea Ad Uses Solar Power To Charge Your Phone

And just to remind you exactly which brand of sunscreen you should be slathering on your skin pre-beach, Nivea (together with agency Giovanni+DraftFCB) have devised a rather brilliant and nifty advert that aims to help sun-worshipers and beach-goers stay connected whilst on the sands – by way of a beauty-ad-cum-solar-powered phone charger!

The advert, which ran in Brazilian magazine, Veja Rio, has been designed with a solar panel and mobile phone plug, to enable readers to recharge their batteries – as they enjoyed their time on the Rio de Janeiro beaches.

Now you ‘only have to leave the beach when the sun leaves too,’ even with all that Instagram moment-capturing.



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