No Sweat…

BATD ON Jun 24, 2009 AT 9:05 am



It’s a part of everyone woman’s morning routine-applying deodorant (while avoiding the marks on our little black dresses!). Bionsen has recently released a range of deodorants that are free of parabens and aluminum, two chemicals found in anti-perspirants that have been linked to breast cancer.

Actress Denise Van Outen, who tragically lost her own grandmother to the disease, has become the face of the brand, promoting the Japanese volcanic minerals (known as onsen) used in the deodorant and their health benefits, such as their scientifically- supported reputation for softening and moisturizing skin .

The formula is hypoallergenic and neutralizes the bacteria that creates the odor we all try to stay away from (a foul smell will not woo that potential date) and is perfect for sensitive or delicate skin. More information can be found on the Bionsen website, and the products can be purchased at most pharmacies and beauty product retailers everywhere

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