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Mimi ON Jul 01, 2011 AT 2:19 pm

Behind the scenes

Behind the scenes

If you think the TOWIE cast wear too much makeup, you may want to rethink your judgment after checking out this video (on from directors Lernert & Sander showing what 365 days worth of makeup looks like on… all at once!

The video, Natural Beauty, shows makeup artist Ferry van der Nat and his assistant Vanessa Chan layering on Ellis Faas products on model, Hannelore Knuts’ face. Apparently it took nine hours to complete the ‘look’ and I can safely say it makes me feel a bit sick. If anything, simply because it’s such a waste of makeup (they used seven bottles of foundation and 228.40ml of makeup altogether)!

BATD HQ are not 100% sold on the purpose of the video, but it makes entertaining viewing.

Watch the video below:

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