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Chrissy ON Jun 06, 2013 AT 8:55 am

by Chrissy Iley

The last time I met Michael he was dressed in rubbers and hosing me down for a treatment at the Ole Henriksen spa. I called him an S&M god and the term still fits.

In a panic to look thinner for a photo shoot I bought into LA bondage. Binding, corseting and sweating treatments are all the go here. And this contour wrap included all of them.

Ole Henriksen Spa Relaxation Room

To maximise the effects of the treatment you steam in the pretty much perfect steam room at Ole’s magnificently chic West Hollywood spa. Fortunately I had it to myself although I could have just as easily been naked in front of Nicole Kidman or Katy Perry and the whole clique of A-listers who frequent the spa.

Michael has prepared bandages in hot mineral mud with a smile on his face. You have to be naked but for the black paper G-string they give you. Not many people have seen me naked. Strangely I didn’t mind Michael being one of them. Personally I find a gay man less judgemental than a female therapist but you can have either.

First of all he asks you which place do you feel most concerned about and then he piles on the mud with a quick if you say so. Kind, clever, funny, S&M god Michael gets binding. He starts at the feet and works his way up until you are a mummy and almost immoveable.

You straddle to the side of the massage table where thick plastic trousers appear and Michael assists you in putting them on. The top half of this outfit is extremely hot and there’s little movement in your arms. It’s tricky to get on. But it does go on and it provides extra heat which not only helps the bandages and the mud do their miracle working inch reducing but it means you’re not lying down in cold wet mud.

You lie on this for about an hour. I chose to have one of his facials while this was happening with Angela who has a touch that is fairy light but thorough. She worked with my sensitive skin, extracting, polishing and plumping.

After that Michael re-appeared to help me out of the hot suit and the bandages. You are not supposed to shower that day or the next because the effects of the mud continues to work. You just wash essentials.

I’ve heard of miracle mud wraps before and I thought they were all crazy. But the effect of losing water weight was instant. It completely de-bloated me and as a confidence booster may become an essential treat.

 8622 W Sunset Blvd, Los Angeles, CA, +1 310-854-7700. www.olehenriksen.com

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