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Mimi ON Dec 28, 2011 AT 9:30 am

Organic Glam - Deep Purple, Merlot Shimmer and Deep Ruby

Organic Glam - Deep Purple, Merlot Shimmer and Deep Ruby

by Chrissy Iley

I’ve always thought everything about the extremities really denote how stylish a person is. Everyone accepts that shoes are the windows to the soul but fingernails have quite a lot to do with it. What kind of person does a neat beautiful buff? Not the same kind of a person who wants to go out all gothic. Gothic nails are big this season but not just gothic nails in the way a tired out teenage Goth might have painted them in last years black, that would be tatty.

Organic Pharmacy have come up with some serious ‘Don’t Mess With Me’ colours in their Organic Glam Collection. Mean and moody nails that are shadowing this autumn winters trends of all things glam rock and all things fetish. If you don’t want to do top to toe rubber dress or channel an Ossie Clark the nails can say it all by saying just enough.

The Organic Pharmacy’s polish goes on smoothly and creamily and the colours are beautiful. I am currently supporting Deep Ruby, a hot, dark, rich red and it looks very fierce. There’s also Merlot Shimmer a dark red and black and Deep Purple which is a kind of pearly grey purple. Very 70s and they are vibrant, long lasting – the colours  are owning the moment without being overtly fashion – they are stylish beyond trendy.

They are £9.99 each.

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