Origins for Great Skin!

Mimi ON Mar 14, 2011 AT 9:46 am

Origins skin careHere are some really great face cleansers that we have tried and love!

The natural skincare company Origins has a couple products that will amp up your daily skin care regime!

‘Checks and Balances’ is a frothy face wash that helps balance dry and oily skin, but keeps in gentle. There are some great aromas like Bergamot, Spearmint and Lavender that will leave you feeling refreshed and cleansed!

Checks and Balances and A Perfect World Cleanser

Checks and Balances and A Perfect World Cleanser.

The other product is called ‘A Perfect World’.  This product is an antioxidant cleanser with white tea. It’s a foaming face wash with the rare ingredient of silver tipped white tea. It helps free the skin of harmful impurities before they take over our pores and cause us those pesky problems of skin-aging, dehydration and irritation.

Checks and Balances: £12.40

A Perfect World: £11.47

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