Oscars 2013 Beauty Highlights

BATD ON Feb 25, 2013 AT 12:48 pm

The 85th Academy Awards was a night of play-it-safe beauty looks.

After a long season of awards ceremonies where bright bold lips held centre stage, colour (on both the dresses and faces) went somewhat amiss last night. Aside from the occasional pop of classic scarlet red, we’re looking enviously at you Jessica Chastain and Adele, the lips of most attendees were simply daubed with a nude and natural barely-there shade, before being slicked with a hint of sheeny balm to highlight and plump. There was a similarly understated approach to eye make up as the classic smoky eye look was recreated using the softest dove grey shades, a hint of sparkle and asphalt liner as seen below on Best Actress Jennifer Lawrence, Zoe Saldana and the ever-immaculate Amy Adams. 

Jennifer Lawrence | Zoe Saldana | Amy Adams

Zero Dark Thirty actress Jessica Chastain accompanied Oscar-winner Adele and Olivia Munn in plumping for a classic, silver screen glamour look. Strong scarlet lips, matte in texture, were offset by uber-fluttery faux lashes, a creamy flawless skin and a strong cats’ eye flick of eyeliner.

Jessica Chastain | Adele | Olivia Munn

Having chopped off their tresses for movies, Les Miserables and Mad Max, both Anne Hathaway and Charlize Theron prove that glamour needn’t be defined by a sweep of long, glossy locks. Although not our favourite Hathaway hairstyle (we much preferred the original elfin cut) there’s a soft femininity in this newly darkened, blow-dried style that enhances the Best Supporting Actress’ delicate features.  Charlize Theron’s newly cropped and dyed cut had us seriously wondering whether we too could pull off a short, textured cut. And, more specifically, whether we’d unearth cheekbones quite as chiselled as Theron’s should we brave the scissors!

Anne Hathaway | Charlize Theron

We previously highlighted just how popular a slung-over-the-shoulder Veronica-Lake style wave was proving to be on the red carpet. And whilst we love the style for its luxe glamour we were secretly hoping that starlets would opt for something a little more daring come the Oscars. Sadly, aside from a handful of undone up-dos, the wave held strong, with Jessica Chastain, Reese Witherspoon and Naomie Harris all pulling off the look with aplomb.

Naomie Harris | Jessica Chastain | Reese Witherspoon


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