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BATD ON Aug 11, 2010 AT 1:19 pm

Blinkfairy (before)

Blinkfairy (before)

I’ve always been dubious of lash extensions, with their need for constant care and upkeep, however I may well have changed my mind having had a set of semi-permenant silk eyelashes applied by the lovely founder of Blinkfairy, Catherine.

A number of my friends have synthetic false lashes applied regularly and despite the fact that they always look great and have no need for mascara, I was always weary of the damage that they inflicted onto their own lashes. After some time deliberating I decided to go for a more natural option and try out silk lash extensions, cue Blinkfairy.

Catherine specialises in semi-permanent silk eyelash extensions and has been going strong since 2009. I had the pleasure of having my set applied by Catherine herself  who spent about an hour applying individual silk lashes to each of my own natural ones with specially formulated glue.

Blinkfairy (after)

Blinkfairy (after)

The procedure was completely painless and actually quite relaxing and afterwards I had a full set of incredibly natural lashes set to rival even my best mascara’s effect (and I have a LOT of mascara!). The lashes were soft and light which I was very pleased about, having heard that the synthetic lashes can often feel quite strange and stiff.

The best thing about these falsies is that you can literally get out of bed and go as you feel you already have makeup on. They made me feel fresh faced and ‘made-up’ with almost no effort so I can see why so many people swear by them and get addicted.

Also, my worry that they would need large amounts of upkeep was quashed somewhat as, although they did start falling out with my natural lash cycle after 2 weeks, they lasted for 2 months before I noticed them looking even remotely forlorn. Plus, my own lashes barely suffered and were back to usual within weeks. Although, this may have been due to me applying Rapid Lash every night after about 6 weeks in to make sure my natural lashes were healthy in preparation for the extensions to fall out.

I would 100% recommend Blinkfairy’s silk eyelash extensions to anyone looking to cut down on time spent making yourself up, especially if you’re about to head on holiday as they’d be the perfect complement to any beach outfit! The only downside is the actual cost of upkeep as you’re recommended to top-up every 4-6 weeks and each top-up is £50 (a full set is £85).

Definitely worth it if you’ve got the funds!


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