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By Lauren Spearman

January now seems like a distant memory… as does all that enthusiasm after joining the gym and vowing to get in shape.

I get so bored of routine and find endless sessions on the cross trainer or treadmill incredibly mundane so when I got the chance to try a Zumba class at Virgin Active I thought I’d give it a go.

The Columbian Zumba craze has fast become the next big thing for fitness freaks looking for something a bit different and after heading down to an hour’s class I can certainly see why.

The class, run to upbeat Latin music, is a total body workout using an interval training style, meaning you’re firming and toning as well as attacking those problem areas… perfect for getting rid of that muffin top in time for summer.

It was really refreshing to take part in a class where the instructor’s enthusiasm is infectious enough to get rid of any of my concerns about being a newcomer. My only concern was that I was laughing too much rather than worrying I couldn’t keep up with routines, which in this class really doesn’t matter. The only rule is you don’t stop moving!

I can wholeheartedly recommend Zumba for those who like to be kept on their toes (literally)! It’s great fun on your own and even better with friends. Where else would you find yourself doing the limbo and ‘popping’ your booty in public… unless it’s 2am ona  club dancefloor.

Nationwide classes are held at Virgin Active – see www.virginactive.co.uk for full timetables.

Check out what your in for below:

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