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British Beauty Blogger and I had the same thoughts of despair when we heard about the latest ‘miracle’ cream that is supposed to be endorsed by celebrities and offers the safe alternative to Botox. Johnny and Lisa said this morning on the radio that Cheryl Cole is a fan, immediately you might think like me, surely she doesn’t need either Botox or an alternative at her age. Talk about using someone’s popularity and status to hook the public into yet another over priced gimmick.

I knew I had a snake venom cream in my cabinet somewhere and decided to give it another try, I used the serum and the cream by Planet Skincare and I as soon as I put it on I remembered why I hated it before (really should chuck, have a hording problem). It is sticky, smells awful and my skin felt dry and looked dull after I applied them, and I need to wash my face and start again.

I am a fan of using good natural ingredients in products as much as possible, it doesn’t have to be ecocert 100% organic but I want it to feel nice on my skin, smell good and ultimately leave my skin with a healthy glow. I achieve this by using essential oils, thoroughly cleansing, exfoliating and spending time massaging my face – it does make a difference. Choose your skincare wisely, Decleor, Green People, SKII and Nude are some of my favourites. Regular facials and good after care at home will hold off wrinkles, and I speak for David Attenborough here – leave those snakes be.

British Beauty Blogger is the only person I know who has Botox and looks good so here’s the pro-Botox view:
Every time a new ‘Botox-like’ product hits the market, my heart sinks for all those women who are going to part with hard-earned cash for a result that is actually nothing like Botox. I have Botox regularly and I absolutely love it – in my view there is no other beauty treatment on the market that will give such anti-ageing results. Paralysing muscle groups in the face really does eradicate crinkles, wrinkles and frown lines. It’s nothing short of miraculous in my view.

Just so we are clear, no matter how much you spend on a beauty cream, especially beauty creams that claim to give a Botox like result, you will never replicate the true effect of Botox. There is no cream that reaches down into the muscles and stops them working. Fact. Claims of snake venom creams – which don’t actually even contain snake venom, but rather claim to ‘mimic’ the paralysing effects of venom, will never be any kind of substitute for Botox.

Cheryl Cole

Cheryl Cole

If you buy a couple of bottles of the latest market entry you could easily have paid for the real thing anyway and get the results you want. I’ve had enough people asking me if I worry about the effects of pumping Botox into my system, and my answer is always the same. Would you ask that question of someone whose socially challenging facial tic had been cured, or even someone for whom excessive sweating had made their lives a misery for years? No, you wouldn’t. You’d be pleased for them that their lives are now changed for the better. I don’t even think twice about Botox – is it really any worse than applying a £125 face cream brimming with chemicals and promising something it really can’t ever live up to?

Twitter Speaks:

@JosaYoung I was sent them but didn’t want to try. Bored of getting little bumps from too complex formulae. Using Ponds dry skin at mo!

@grooming_guru I tried it and hated it. I’m with you.

@LondonMakeUp This is what I can’t understand – botox-wannabe creams that cost as much as actual botox

@bernibee – I tried SARPA ages ago, my face did ‘freeze’ after application, didn’t notice any long term changes tho, back to sag city!

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