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Charlotte Vohtz and daughter Sandra

Charlotte Vohtz and daughter Sandra

Alongside a gorgeous boyfriend and a glam job, most young girls desire fresh young skin and a clear complexion. Green People has come to our rescue with an exciting new range called Oy! The first certified organic range created specifically for young skin. The brand promises no gunk, no junk and just clean, clear, and vibrant skin.
Organic Young is the brainchild of Green People founder Charlotte Vohtz, it all started with an itchy two-year old girl. Charlotte’s daughter, Sandra, suffered eczema and allergies and was the initial reason Charlotte started Green People. Now that Sandra is sweet 16, she is helping her mum create a revolutionary and award-winning skin care line for teens and twenty-something’s aimed at both women and men.

The line features prebiotics, clever little things that support good bacteria and fight the bad, willow bark, which contains Salicin to reduce puffiness as well as exfoliate. Tea tree, which works its magic to control young blemish-prone skin; green tea which contains antioxidants, rosehip oil to help prevent scarring of the skin, and finally, omega oils to keep young skin glowing, vibrant, and nourished.

Green People Oy Skin Care Products

Green People Oy Skin Care Products

The range is so good, it’s hard for us to pick our favorites! The cleansers are for boys and girls, and there’s a peel off face mask kit that’s for girls only. We also love the self glow gradual tan that leaves a golden glow yet no smell or clogged pores. The line is not tested on animals and is hypoallergenic since it uses only pure, organic oils, minerals and butters which contain no colorants or artificial scents.

No gunk, no junk, no nasties.

Oy! Cleanse & Moisturize 50ml £7.99
Oy! Peel Off Face Mask 3x25g £13.99
Oy! Soft Glow Gradual Tan 50ml £10.99

For tips on skincare, where to buy the products, and a full listing of the products themselves, visit www.organicyoung.com.

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