Peel Me a Grape

BATD ON Jun 16, 2009 AT 10:05 am

Naturetis Orange Peel Gel

Naturetis Orange Peel Gel

We’re just a tad tired of forking out for ultra-expensive miracle lotions (not to mention silly sachets of miracle drinks that make you thin…um, right) that promise a lot and deliver very little when it comes to cellulite. We’re much more happy to part with our pennies on products where credentials, not credit cards, count.

We like the look (and the zingy smell) of Naturetis Orange Peel Gel, £23, that contains orange essential oils to stimulate surface circulation and drainage, and green coffee to get working on excess fat. Use in conjuction with Firming Dry Oil, £19, which tautens the skin to reduce any visual bumps, the two apparantly make mighty warriors against the battle against cellulite. Better yet, it’s all organic and natural with a nice, big ECOCERT certification to go with it. By the time we hit the beach, there will be no mention of orange peel….it’ll be all about who we can find to deal with the grapes.

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