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Mimi ON Mar 17, 2011 AT 3:27 pm

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique

It seems like there is always a new shade of nail polish to add to my giant bag of polishes. It’s becoming a bad habit and a serious waste of nail polish remover! Hence I’m loving the idea of peel-off polish!

Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique has great polish in so many fun bright colours. ‘Assunta,’ which is a bright red, and then ‘Donna,’ which is a bright pink, are two to choose from. These two in particular are solvent free, dries quickly, and has a great shine. Plus, it peels right off! (A little side note for pregnant ladies, this is a perfect alternative for you!)

Then to top it off you can purchase another great product called, ‘Nail Finishing: Oops! Varnish Clean Up.’ This is a must have for little touch ups after you’re done painting your nails a vibrant new colour. It’s wondrous formula and teeny brush can clean up any mistake, or painted skin.

Andrea Fulerton Nail Polish

From left: Nail Finishing, Oops Varnish Clean Up, Donna, and Assunta Nail Polish

You can find Andrea Fulerton Nail Boutique products at Superdrug store nationwide and also online at:

Price: Assunta & Donna colours: £5.10 each

Nail Finishing: Oops Varnish Clean Up: £5.10

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