Perfume or Bag?

BATD ON Apr 19, 2010 AT 3:27 pm

Miller Harris Bags

Well, if you are shopping for your spring edition of either, look no further than Miller Harris, whose cute canvas mini-bags cost a mere £6.

100% cotton, in new shades of green or pink with long or short handles, they’re the perfect travel-light spring accessory for days when lumbering round with an outsize handbag just won’t do.

We’ve also spotted the beautiful Flower Waters, £21, as perfect facial beach coolers, fragrance light or to spritz over linen for Provencal interior style aspiriations. Choose from Lavande, Rosa Centaflora or Fleurs d’Oranger; each one sourced from a tiny village near Grasse and containing 100% raw natural ingredients.

Miller Harris - Flower Water

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