Permanently Change Your Eye Colour

Mimi ON Nov 15, 2011 AT 9:36 am

Fancy baby blues?

Fancy baby blues?

Don’t like your eye colour? Well, there are contact lenses out there that give you the option of trying on a different hue (or even a different shape – cat-eye anyone?!), but those are only temporary. If you’re looking out for more permanent baby blues, then take note…

In as little as three years, Chicago eye doctor, Dr. Elmer Tu, says that he’ll be able to change a customer’s eye colour permanently. He claims that he’ll be able to change brown eyes blue using a special laser that eliminates the brown pigment in the iris, forcing the eye colour to change slowly over a few years to blue.

This sounds a bit scary to us, especially the fact that once the procedure is done, you won’t be able to reverse it, even if the new eye colour is not what you wanted. Also, the doctor only mentions changing brown eyes blue, meaning that blue may be your only colour option.

No word as to whether green eyes can be changed or if blue eyes can go brown. The cost of the precedure will set you back about £3,000, and the reason why you’ll have to wait three years for the procedure to become available is because it hasn’t been approved by the FDA yet.

It’s “thought to be safe,” but you won’t find us betting our eyes on that.


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