Pilates in Preparation for Summer

BATD ON Apr 21, 2010 AT 2:30 pm

Trudie Styler Pilates DVD

Having had a one-to-one session with James D’Silva the other day, I thought I’d share my love for this new Pilates DVD, from Trudie Styler and James, with you ASAP.

It’s a great workout and I could definitely see myself whacking on this DVD on a rainy day.  Plus the exercises really do feel as though they’d give you great results if you stuck with them.

Trudie Styler, actress, producer, environmental activist and UNICEF ambassador is releasing this new pilates core strength DVD, just in time for summer.

Trudie says: “pilates has been the perfect solution to maintaining strength and vitality in my life… the varying combination of easy, low impact manoeuvres make this an easy routine that just about anyone can use.”

The DVD claims to help increase energy levels, enhance well-being, relieve stress and also to maintain vitality. In the 55 minute long workout Trudie has the help of the lovely, fitness guru to the stars, James D’Silva who guides viewers through the core-strength workout. In the past James has worked with stars such as Madonna, Gwyneth Paltrow… and now me!!

The DVD also includes a behind-the-scenes look at Trudie’s estate in Tuscany, where she lives with her husband Sting, as well as interviews with Trudie, Sting and James D’Silva.

I’m very impressed and strongly recommend!

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