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BATD ON Jun 11, 2010 AT 1:03 pm

Katie Puckrik

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

Fume connoisseurs are generally enthusiastic about Bond No. 9 Chinatown. C-townies enjoy its playfulness, its quirkiness, its sophisticated vamp on the teen-honored  drugstore fruity floral. Detractors, however, find it hard to make a distinction between Chinatown and the Juicy Couture-style juicebox frags that precede it on the family tree.

The grumblers have a point. If genetically-engineered fruit and bionic candy are specifically what you’re trying to avoid by shopping niche, you’re not going to be pleased to see it popping up in your $200 bottle of perfume, no matter how groovily underscored with an odd lacquered wood accord.

But even if “flirty” (Sephora code for “fruity floral”) isn’t your favorite flavor of funk, you’ve still gotta admit that Chinatown is pretty effectively insouciant. Jaunty, even, as it guffs forth from the wearer in a magenta cloud of “wheee!”.

C-town devotee carlyannemckay had this to say on MakeUpAlley:

Bond no.9 Chinatown

Bond no.9 Chinatown

I found my signature scent. Chinatown, I am yours and you are mine forever. It drives me absolutely mad. This one is all me. The scent itself is a yin-yang: sweet yet brazen, delicious yet dangerous, warm yet isolating, moody yet cheerful. I love it, it is addictive. I want everything I own to smell like it. I crave it all day. I spray with total abandon. It makes me feel reckless, yet so comforted and safe. I am in love and lust and most of all wonder at this ever-evolving, changing scent. Pure artistry in a bottle. I am ecstatic!

P.S. It’s never good when your husband tells you he can’t wait for that bottle to be empty

Talk about yin-yang! Can’t the husband just delight in her delight? Look at her — she’s ecstatic, buddy!

Watch Katie’s video review below:

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