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Katie Puckrik

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By Katie Puckrik

Viewer Mail: Help Me Smell Like Tyre Shine

Dear Katie,

I’ve been dating a wonderful fella for almost a year now, and he keeps telling me how he LOVES this perfume, except he can’t remember the name, or even what it really smells like (except for “good”). I’ve been trying to solve the mystery, and here’s what I’ve learned, with a LOT of trial and error:

1) It was most popular around 1997-2000 but it is still worn today, and not by any particular “type” of woman.

2) It is not: Lucky You, Angel, Happy, D&G The One, B Spot, CK one or any of the other popular CK fragrances.

3) It’s sweet, but not very floral.

I got a breakthrough clue when he realized that Meguiar’s Tyre Shine (in the black arousal can) smells just like the perfume, and, well…tires. I Googled “Tyre Shine” and people say it smells just like blueberries and/or cotton candy.

I made a fool of myself at Walmart, huffing it in the fragrance aisle while trying to match it to a perfume. I had to buy the can when an employee caught me, but the good news is, it really shines up your tires!

I must really like this guy. Can somebody help me figure out what this perfume is? Please?

Shine on you crazy diamond,

Meguiars Tyre Shine

Meguiars Tyre Shine

Jenn – number one, that Meguiar’s Tyre Shine must be some seriously good sh*t, because you spelled “aerosol” as “arousal“. Looks like I’ve got a little Walmart huffing of my own to do.

Blueberries and/or cotton candy,” huh? The only thing that immediately comes to mind is Britney Spears Midnight Fantasy, which is 50% blueberries, 50% cotton candy, and 100% blechhh. (But to be fair, I haven’t tried it on my tires yet.) Anyway, it wasn’t around in that 1997-2000 time frame you’re looking for.

I am positive that my clever correspondents will suggest a raft of possibilities for this mystery fume. (I’ll kick things off with Bulgari Black, that nummy hot rubber’n'vanilla niff.)

But Jenn! Why wrangle the best minds in perfume forensics just to track down the scent that reminds your fella of some other floozie? (Uh…not that you’re a floozie. Just a Tyre Shine huffer.)

That circa 1997-2000 ex is no concern of yours — or his — and neither is the rubber shiner’s perfume. Time to introduce some new smells that he’ll long for, and associate only with you. Might I suggest Walmart’s hardware dept? The smell of Goo Gone is hard to forget.

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