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Mimi ON Oct 22, 2010 AT 10:33 am

Katie Puckrik

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

By Katie Puckrik

I’m so far down the road of perfume thrillseeking by now that the charms of Nina Ricci Nina are almost too wifty-wafty for me to take proper aim with my butterfly net. Nina is not trucker armpit this, yak ballsack that, Barbie-head-meets-Belgian-storm-drains the other. It’s tart, sweet cotton, and perfect for teenage girls.

It was a struggle to remember if I ever voluntarily wore a fragrance as light, girlish and pleasing as Nina. I fired up the montage machine in my head and mentally flickered through the stops on my perfume history trail in reverse. Musc Ravageur, nope. L’Eau Trois, uh-uh. Divine, naw. Eau Dynamisante, Diorella, Cristalle – no, no, no.

Nina Ricci Nina

Nina Ricci Nina

Wait — what was that dome-capped bottle? Rewind and…that’s it — Love’s Fresh Lemon! A pucker of citrus on a floral pillow. Sheer, sweet, but never sickening. I loved my Love’s Fresh Lemon when I was 15. It didn’t make any big pronouncement, it never laid down a manifesto. It just gusted past the nose in a faint puff of sunniness that underscored everyone’s good mood.

Nina does the same trick for teenage girls today. It’s innocent and pretty. It doesn’t heave with lurid promises too impertinent for its young wearers. The time for impertinence will come fast enough, anyway.

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