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Mimi ON Apr 27, 2011 AT 9:00 am

Katie Puckrik

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

by Katie Puckrik

Paco Rabanne One Million is a sweet leather fragrance that comes in a bottle shaped like a gold brick. Fun!

Well, it is and it isn’t. I’m not against fun, but I am against cheap. But since One Million smells the way you’d expect for something that comes out of a plastic gold brick, I guess you could say it delivers. So that’s some unexpected integrity for you.

It’d be nice to trace an aesthetic link between One Million and Spanish fashion designer Paco Rabanne’s outrageous 1960s creations, but the interplanetary dots stop short of connecting cheesy with visionary. For a refresher course on Rabanne’s mod suits of armor, dig thisthis, and this:

Now that delivers!

In my video discussion of One Million, I reference four other YouTube fume reviewers who provide some contrast to my kvetching: cformosa4cyclexy,Kerosenetrewthe, and JRWRITER.

Out of this bunch of likely lads, it’s Kerosenetrewthe’s video that interests me most. In a low-key delivery that wavers between deadpan and shell-shocked, he painstakingly enumerates his findings on One Million. But just when you’re drifting off into a sitting nap, Kerosenetrewthe zings you back to attention with weirdness at 3:52, and again at 6:41. It’s the video version of a rumble strip.

And then there’s his bewilderingly over-extended Hansel and Gretel analogy:

If you’re like the Hansel and Gretel kind of a person, and you’re running through the woods, just searching for that house that’s made of Smarties and Skittles, and everything that smells super-sweet, One Million is for you. Because the house is surrounded by woods. And in the middle it’s this super-sweet…house. And Hansel is just gonna do backflips once he gets a whiff of this stuff. But instead of a house, it’s a gold bar.

I can’t really figure out Kerosenetrewthe. And that’s why I like him. Watch out for the rumble strips!

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