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Katie Puckrik ON Aug 13, 2010 AT 2:48 pm

Katie Puckrik

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by Katie Puckrik

When I first tried People of the Labyrinths A*Maze parfum about two years ago, I remember thinking it was too dense and muddled and painful and what-in-tarnation? I left it alone until recently, and boy, do I have a different tune to trill.

A*Maze has the thick rose density of Frédéric Malle Une Rose, with something of Amouage

Homage Attar in its fruity-oudy-citrus richness. And all my other old friends are on board: saffron, sandalwood, musk, civet. The oud is present in A*maze but it’s not “band-aid oud” — it’s more lemon floor wax. Or at least, something’s lemon floor wax in there.

I’m mesmerized by A*Maze’s conflicting sensory triggers: its jammy rose starts to make my mouth water, and then the lemon floor wax dries up the drool. And then the drool-to-dry cycle repeats. I’m a regular Möbius strip of saliva.

A*Maze has an odd, herbal side, and I’m wondering if that’s to do with henna, one of the listed notes.

People of the Labyrinths A*Maze

People of the Labyrinths A*Maze

While experimenting with everything from Miss Clairol to food coloring as a teenage hair hopper, henna was one of the well-trod stations of the follicular cross. I remember the smell as muddy, vegetal and bitter. Ayala Moriel at Smelly Blog writes that henna has “nothing ‘pretty’ about it, but it adds substance and depth and a certain powdery-woody-floralcy”.

There’s also a honey cast to A*Maze, an animalic floral niff that marries the saffron/rose/floor wax to the skin in a salty, sensual way. I’ve got the parfum version of A*Maze, and though it comes out swinging, it suddenly quiets down dramatically after about a half hour.

I’m in thrall to A*Maze’s oddness. Every time I open my perfume cabinet I see it, and when I see it, I have to sniff it, and when I sniff it, I have to wear it. Boy, A*Maze really pushes me around!

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