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Katie Puckrik ON Jul 23, 2010 AT 11:08 am

Katie Puckrik

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

By Katie Puckrik

The change of seasons is the perfect excuse for a change of one’s habits: the clothes you wear, the food you eat, the man you’re married to…whoopsie, how did that get in there? I meant to say: the perfume you mist into every nook of your crannies.

Except that sometimes, you don’t need an excuse for change, because you’re perfectly pleased with things the way they are. It would be hard to justify chucking my incense roses, furry ambers, and freckly husband just because the Los Angeles sunshine has become a weapon of organ-desiccating hyperthermia.

So in the same way a snappy haircut and a couple of cool new shirts freshens up the husb, my current high-rotation fumes incorporate the same basic elements, but in a slightly different arrangement.

Here’s why I’m smelling wunderbar this summer:

M. Micallef Rose Aoud — the sheerest rose and oud ever, girly-fied with as much fruit as you’ll ever find me wearing voluntarily.

Guerlain Habit Rouge – a buoyant puff of citrus and floral leather.

Amouage Homage Attar — I love it in the face-melting heat of summer for the same reason I do in winter’s bastard chill: because it’s perfect. Homage is incense rose, herbal leather, and joy to all who smell it.

Bruno Acampora Musc — it’s the musk of spooning naps and sun-kissed skin.

L'Artisan Parfumeur Nuit de Tubéreuse

L'Artisan Parfumeur Nuit de Tubéreuse

L’Artisan Parfumeur Nuit de Tubéreuse — it’s fruity! it’s spicy! It’s sort of tuberose, sort of incense! The name suggests something very “Jungle Gardenia”, all bombastic sexiness and groin sweat. Instead, NdT is positively sprightly: fresh and green, sweetly woody and “hi neighbor” friendly.

biehl parfumkunstwerke mb03 — a see-thru summer-weight incense from Mark Buxton. Wearing it is cooling, and it seems to purify the smoggy air around me.

People of the Labyrinths A*Maze – rose, oud, saffron — and plenty of it. I don’t care! Can you tell?

Montale Aoud Damascus — metallic rose, leathery oud, and incense. It has a sharpness that cuts through the mugginess.

Prada Myrrhe — fresh pine-y and resinous, crisp and slightly soapy. Myrrh is “the other white meat”: a change from my omnipresent frankincense.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Côte d’Amour — all right, here’s my one true concession to the eyeball-mummifying heat of the desert summer. Côte d’Amour is mineral chalkiness and soft-focus beach flowers. It provides quiet delight without sucking oxygen out of the atmosphere.

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