Post Summer Body Boosting

Mimi ON Aug 14, 2012 AT 11:28 am

As our sun-kissed tans start to fade, our attention naturally turns to the ensuing autumnal months and how we’re going to prepare our post-summer bodies for them.

Post Summer Body Boosting

Whether it’s skincare to protect against the elements or products to help you combat the wind and rain, the winter months can be neutralised in a number of different ways.

Think of this as your skin’s survival guide for the winter – a rulebook for winter-proofing your body and how to stay looking healthy and glowing as the nights draw in and the temperature drops.

1.    Avoid The Elements

Where wind, rain and snow can give your body a battering, so too can soaps, chemicals, washing up liquid and even too-hot water. Much as you might crave the heat, tepid or cool water actually prevents skin from drying out, whist hot water will strip skin of natural oils.

For those with dry or easily irritated skin, choose cleansers with natural ingredients, typically clearly marked, you’ll be amazed at what difference they will make to your skin. You can also help your bodycare regime by wearing gloves and a scarf when outside as the less your skin is open to the elements; the easier job your products have on a daily basis.

2. Moisturise

We’re all guilty of failing to moisturise on a regular basis, but consider just how silky soft your skin is after a week of continually slathering on the SPF and how much more your winter skin requires the additional hydration and nourishment when faced with the onslaught of central heating, whipping winds and layers of clothing.  A good moisturiser will help to repair dry and cracked skin and protect any unshielded areas from losing vital moisture.

 3. Exfoliate

Aware of the importance of exfoliating when preparing your body for summer beach baring, gentle exfoliation is just as key during the cooler months. Wicking away dry skin cells, unblocking pores and invigorating the skin for blood boosting – and the resulting healthy glow. Use a dry body brush, sweeping in long smooth motions towards the heart and be gentle with granulated products so as not to tear or aggravate the skin.

Just these three simple steps will help to prepare your skin for the British winter, keeping it in perfect condition and rectifying any summer-in-the-sun damage.


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