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Mimi ON Jul 27, 2012 AT 2:23 pm

Extreme 'n Easy Arctic Blonde

Extreme 'n Easy Arctic Blonde

Blonde hair just got a whole lot more glam with the addition of Arctic Blonde to the Extreme ‘n Easy range of colours from Clairol.

This range keeps colour beautifully for up to 8 weeks and the exclusive Colour Blend Technology gives every shade built-in tones and highlights so colour won’t ever be matt or flat.

We put this new shade to the test on one willing volunteer and they were more than pleased with the results. ‘I have always been a bit wary of using a powerful peroxide as I have worried about my hair becoming brittle and lacking shine. I have always used Nice ‘n Easy anyway so knew that Clairol products suited my hair so decided to give my hair a lift using new Arctic Blonde, the lightest colour in the range.

Before - During - After!

I did do an allergy test as recommended as I have sensitive skin with no ill effect so the next evening went ahead with the treatment. It was so easy to use, you just had to mix the powder into the formula in the bottle, give it a good shake and it was ready to use. I applied it to my hair starting at the roots which are the darkest part of my hair and working through to the ends. I then left it for the required amount of time and then rinsed out, finishing with the Colour Seal™ Conditioning Gloss.

My hair felt soft, shiny and the colour really sings out – I am so pleased with the results I feel like my hair has been naturally lightened by the sun instantly!

Extreme ‘n Easy from Nice ‘n Easy is available in seven shades, New Arctic Blonde, Deep Violet, Espresso Brown, Ruby Red, Vivid Violet, Cherry Red and Flame Red. RRP £5.99 from stockists nationwide.

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