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We’re all guilty of it – cutting calories to lose weight, but this is not always the best approach for long term or a healthy way to sustain a healthy lifestyle. It’s important to remain nourished and healthy, especially if you  are exercising so you can repair the muscles that have been strained during lifting and training. One of the benefits of protein is that is makes you stay fuller for longer, so aim to include wholefood powders, seeds and protein shakes in your diet to help you eat less but also give your body the nutrients it needs.

Protein is one of three essential macro-nutrients needed by our body, the others being fats and carbohydrates. Protein forms the building blocks of all our organs, muscles, skin, hair and nails. Important in growing, rebuilding and repairing muscle tissue, protein also regulates the metabolism and ensures our immune and digestive systems work correctly. So it’s important!

Prana protein

Prana protein powders & bars

Prana means ‘life force’ in Sanskrit, which dates back around 2,000 years from ancient India. They have a simple and spiritual approach to their range, which we love. They believe that beauty starts from within, so they’ve developed a range of supplements, powders and bars that are suitable for vegans, we all know that what we eat is reflected in our skin, so if you are mindful of what you eat you will notice the benefits on the outside. It’s a good way of getting healthier hair and nails, as well as glowing, youthful skin, collagen is basically protein, so forget collagen supplements, a sensible diet of protein will help your skin too.

The Prana range

Wholefood powders, protein powders in yummy flavours and seeds – ideal for boosting general health and well-being. antioxidants and phytochemicals in wholefoods work to prevent damage to cells in the body. Their powders include Spirulina, Pea and Hemp, raw chia and flax seeds, which you can mix in with your meals.

Prana protein breakfast bowl

Prana protein breakfast bowl

I use my protein powders in meals as well as shakes: I made this delicious porridge using my Prana Vanilla Protein Powder. I mixed oats, spelt flakes and desiccated coconut with coconut milk  over heat, then added cinnamon, nutmeg and Prana powder until it became creamy. To pimp up my porridge, it was the weekend, I added some almond butter, Greek yogurt, raspberries and my homemade granola with tiny bit of maple syrup. It’s so good, it feels like a naughty dessert, but it’s all good stuff. You can add your Prana to overnight oats, chia seeds soaked in almond milk with seeds and fruit.

Prana smooties

My Prana smoothie with spirulina

I am a big fan of Spirulina, it’s a natural algae packed full of nutrients and protein, it does have a strong taste so when you use it in smoothies you will need some fruit, dates or prunes to cover the taste, but it’s so good for you. I make my green smoothies with lots of spinach or kale, fruit, seeds, goji berries and add my superfood powders depending on how I feel and what I need that day.

The Protein Bars are packed with a protein punch to boost your energy levels when you’re on the go, and are handy to keep with you when you feel yourself ready for a piece of cake. Cacao & Vanilla and Goji Berry & Chia Seed choices give you a natural, delicious antioxidant-filled protein hit. The cacao and vanilla bars are so good, they are better than all those ‘energy’ bars that are packed with sugar and are more calories than a Twirl.


The Prana Protein range is available to buy online.

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