Carter Jenkins

BATD ON Feb 07, 2010 AT 2:32 pm

Carter Jenkins

Despite the super-star studded cast of Valentine’s Day, there is one lead actor who you may not have heard of. Carter Jenkins, 18, plays opposite Emma Roberts in the flick, and believe it or not, the two have a history together!

Before we get ahead of ourselves, let’s take a look at Jenkins’ not-so-lengthy background. Originally from Tampa, Florida, his family, like many families of child actors, moved to L.A. so he could pursue acting. He began acting when he was seven, and started on stage, moving eventually to commercials. The dawn of his television career came with guest appearances on shows including CSI: Miami and New York, House, Without a Trace, The Bernie Mac Show and Unfabulous. Cue Emma Roberts. These two acted together for several episodes in the Roberts-centered Nickelodeon show, so Valentine’s Day wasn’t anything new for them.

What was awkward for him was kissing Roberts in front of her real life boyfriend. Not letting it get him down too much, he admitted kissing her over and over was “maybe some of the best days at the office I’ll ever have.” Of course, he is no stranger to kissing young stars. He is one of the many Miley Cyrus exes running around Hollywood. There seems to be more and more of those these days, doesn’t there?

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