Daisy Dares You

BATD ON Feb 22, 2010 AT 5:48 pm

Daisy Dares You

Nobody likes new music quite like we do, which is why we are so excited about the up-and-coming singer/songwriter Daisy Dares You.

Hailing from the Essex countryside, this 16-year-old youngster is anything but boring. She began recording her music with the help of a family friend at the age of 14, and got a little extra help when he mailed out some of her demos to industry friends. This turned into a race to record Daisy, with Sony eventually getting the honour. Though she only began recording professionally in March, she has already been noted by the BBC, as well as other publications. She also can’t wait to tour.

Just because she is already becoming a star doesn’t mean we should forget her age. She sings about things that affect her life, including boys, friends and sibling rivalry. However, you shouldn’t let her age fool you either. Daisy hates being compared to other young female artists, especially Avril Lavigne, claiming that she knows how to make it by herself. “I’m not going to be a helpless artist,” she says. “I know what I want, and the only way it’ll come out that way is if I do it.”

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