Elijah Wood

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Elijah Wood

Here at BeautyandtheDirt.com, we love it when stars come out of their hiding places and impress us on the Silver Screen once again. One of the actors most skilled at this practice is The Romantics’ Elijah Wood. While he spends most of his adult life in obscurity, showing his face only to make well received (albeit few and far between) movies, he hasn’t always been like that.

Years ago, Wood’s mother got him involved in acting and modelling at a young age in hopes that it would burn off some of his excess energy. Little did she know that he would become one of the most respected and talented child stars in history. Gaining huge credit in films like Avalon, Radio Flyer and the Faculty, he charmed critics with his pleasant nature and dreamy blue eyes. Though a lot of his films as a kid weren’t popular or well received, his talent was always applauded and this buzz pushed him through to the world of adult acting.

Wood’s next role was not only the most big budget and critically acclaimed, but it was also his favourite. Playing Frodo Baggins in the Lord of the Rings trilogy, he had the opportunity of a lifetime to bring the Tolkien books to life on screen alongside big names like Sir Ian McKellen and Christopher Lee. Luckily, Wood is actually a Tolkien fan; otherwise taking on such an epic project might have seemed overwhelming. He is actually part of the official Lord of the Rings fan club, and along with other members of the Fellowship of the Ring, has the elfish symbol for the number 9 tattooed on his body. Talk about dedication to your art!

Stepping back into reality after the conclusion of such a string of blockbuster hits, Wood landed roles in a wide variety of films, including Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind, Sin City, Bobby and Happy Feet. Currently, he is working on Happy Feet 2 as well as a film about the video game dragon, Spyro, which he also voices. It is safe to say that Mr. Wood avoids any sort of typecasting, and though he was in one of the biggest movie franchises of all time, he admits that he feels more comfortable in smaller films.

When he’s not wowing us on the big screen, which is most of the time, he remains well out of the spotlight. He does have a record label called Simian, which is just one of his outlets for his love of music, but other than that he remains quiet. When he is on screen however, we’re reminded that it was definitely worth the wait (we again mention the swoon-worthy blue eyes). So we can’t wait for The Romantics, out later this year.

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