Jeffrey Dean Morgan

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Jeffery Dean Morgan

Comic books seem to be coming to life more and more these days on film, and one guy who is frequently involved in big-screen adaptations is the American actor, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, who’s in the upcoming film The Losers.

This Seattle native was also in the comic-book-turned-novel The Watchmen, as the Comedian, but acting was always his first aspiration as, before moving to Los Angeles, he was so into graphic design that he even opened his own business! Luckily for us though, he turned to acting in the end.

Morgan got is acting start in the early ‘90s with small parts in television shows, though his big TV parts wouldn’t come until much later. Recently, Morgan had a recurring role in the show Weeds, as well a main role in Supernatural. Although, unfortunately, his character actually dies in both shows.

While most of his acting jobs have been action-oriented, he does have a little practice in the chick-flick department. He played the new love interest of Hilary Swank in P.S. I Love You, as well as the charming (though now also deceased…) patient/fiancée of Katherine Heigl in Grey’s Anatomy.

In terms of real life romance, we know Morgan has been married before, but almost no details are known about the failed marriage. He was also engaged to Weeds co-star Mary Louise Parker in 2008, but unfortunately that one fell through as well. So clearly, in terms of the media attention, Morgan like to stay relatively low key!

Up next for Morgan are the films Shanghai and Red Dawn, as well as The Resident, with former co-star Hilary Swank.

The Losers comes to cinemas 28th May.

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