Joe Anderson

BATD ON Apr 07, 2010 AT 5:52 pm

Joe Anderson

Here at Beauty and the Dirt, we’re all about up-and-coming actors, or perhaps actors who have been around for a few years, but haven’t broken into fame yet. Keeping with the spirit of things, we think someone who deserves a little recognition is actor Joe Anderson. In the recently released horror film The Crazies, Anderson has been mastering supporting roles in big films for quite a while.

Growing up with parents in the business (his dad is actor Miles Anderson), he thought acting would be a good pastime for him due to his dyslexia. Getting his professional acting career started as a child, Anderson had been in a number of hit films including Across the Universe, Becoming Jane, Ameila, Love Happens and Control.

Something that all of these films have in common? Anderson isn’t the star. Perhaps more important though is the mastery with which he conquered all of these roles.  This is especially apparent in The Crazies, as the film fell on somewhat dud reviews while Anderson himself received nothing but praise.

Of course, acting isn’t Anderson’s only talent. Besides photography and gymnastics, he is also a recorded musician. He is featured on most of the soundtrack to Across the Universe, which is a collection of remade Beatles classics, as well as the soundtrack to Control, the biopic about the band Joy Division.

The Crazies is about a small town that falls into mayhem when a toxic water supply turns many of its citizens into zombies. It’s out now…

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