Julianna Margulies

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Julianna Margulies

One of the new shows getting a lot of attention this season is CBS’s The Good Wife. Luckily, the show’s star, Julianna Margulies, isn’t a stranger to the spotlight.

Growing up as the daughter of a dancer in the American Ballet, Margulies lived in Paris and London as a youngster, and furthered her travels as a college student by studying abroad in Italy.

Having acted a little in college, she decided acting was her calling. Her first role was in the film Out For Justice, but to fill the long gap until her next film role, she worked as a waitress. She also made some appearances on stage and in commercials.

She eventually got her big break, however, and it was definitely well worth the wait. Winning a part in the pilot episode of ER, she cemented a six-year stint in the now classic show, which shot her into the public eye. This almost didn’t happen for Margulies however, as her character was supposed to die after only a few episodes. This obviously changed, and the writers rewrote the story to have her stay.

Fittingly, after Margulies left ER, she had a two episode spot on Scrubs, playing a lawyer rather than a doctor. She must have liked this profession better, as she made the switch to playing lawyer permanent on The Good Wife.

Margulies won an Emmy for her performance on ER, and also earned two of her seven SAG awards. She has also already won a Golden Globe for her role in The Good Wife. Keep an eye out for her in the rest of the series!

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