Sam Rockwell

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Sam Rockwell

Sam Rockwell is one of those guys who has been busy in Hollywood for more than a decade and is still able to steer completely clear of the spotlight.

Growing up in San Francisco but spending summers in New York, Rockwell grew up with actor parents. He also joined the business, gaining his first movie role in 1989 in the independent film Clownhouse. Receiving recognition after this, he was given a starring part in the NBC show Dream Street, but was fired shortly after being hired. After this, he held small parts in a smattering of shows, movies and commercials until the film Box of Moonlight in 1996, which is considered to be his breakout role.

Sam in Moon

At this point, Rockwell was officially recognized in Hollywood, and was soon receiving bigger roles. His next starring part was in the film Lawn Dogs, where he played opposite the ten year old Mischa Barton, gaining critical acclaim. He has also appeared in Green Mile, Galaxy Quest, Charlie’s Angels and Hitchhikers’ Guide to the Galaxy. He was offered a role in the movie G.I. Jane, but turned it down because he didn’t want to learn how to scuba dive in the cold water at night.

This isn’t the only strange thing Rockwell has done, and in fact has a little bit of a reputation for being unusual, both on screen and off. Respected critic Roger Ebert called Rockwell a “go-to guy for weirdness,” while Rockwell even claimed “I feel a little strange all the time, a little bit off centre. I never feel that people are as nutty as me.” Supporting this claim, he accepted his role in the upcoming film Iron Man 2 without reading the script, unaware that his character is supposed to be an old man.

See Rockwell and all of his eccentricities in the movie Everybody’s Fine.

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