Thomas Jane

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Thomas Jane

Thomas Jane, the lead in the new hit US show ‘Hung’ has had an interesting career progression to get to Hollywood, but impressive none-the-less!

While most actors move to Los Angeles to attempt a movie career, Thomas Jane found it more effective to start out in India.

Born Thomas Elliott III, Jane was cast for an Indian film, thus moving to India at age 17 to become an actor.

Once bringing his film career back to the United States, Jane landed a number of small roles. He held a recurring part in the hit show Buffy the Vampire Slayer and also made appearances in Boogie Nights and Magnolia.

Jane got his big break portraying Mickey Mantle the film 61*, after which he bagged roles including two films based on Stephen King novels.

His next major role was as Frank Castle in The Punisher. For this role, he had to gain several pounds of muscle as well as die his hair black to look like the comic book character. Currently, Jane plays Ray Drecker on the HBO series Hung.

Off screen he is married to Patricia Arquette and they have a child together. 

After getting into comics from his research for The Punisher, he also co-wrote his own comic strip called Bad Planet and is the inspiration for his own comic book character! He’s appeared in the stage productions of The Glass Menagerie and All My Sons and is currently developing a series for the Sci Fi channel called Voyage to Savage Planet.

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