Puckrik on Perfume‏: Part 2

Katie Puckrik ON May 08, 2009 AT 2:19 pm

Katie Puckrik

Katie Puckrik

While I am loyal in my devotion to wearing perfume, I’m a floozy when it comes to staying faithful to only one. Could you wear the same outfit day in and day out? Eat the same dish? Listen to the same song? Exactly. Give your nose the same freedom you give the rest of your senses.

Having said that, it’s been hard to pry my nose away from my latest infatuation, Miller Harris Fleur Oriental. Fleur Oriental is an fresh take on a classic genre: the Shalimar-style oriental. The Miller Harris version embraces the oriental formula, which is a sensual tango of amber with ever-shifting partners that usually include vanilla and musk.

The narrative of Fleur Oriental goes from bitter herbal, to milky floral, to powdery earthy. Animal basenotes turn it into a densely sexy skin scent.

I adore orientals, but if clumsily structured, they can be cloying. Somehow, Fleur Oriental manages to incorporate heady florals like heliotrope (with an almond-vanilla profile), jasmine and orange flower with spicy carnation and powdery amber, without triggering the gag reflex.

Miller Harris Fleur Oriental

Miller Harris Fleur Oriental

The secret to its wearability is in the transparency underscored by an incense note. Fleur Oriental seems to hover around you, rather than smothering you like a lead blanket.

This one is vintage with quotation marks. Shalimar with a face-lift. Some feel that Fleur Oriental is too dramatic – or slutty – for daytime wear, but I have no shame. I’ve even worn it (in teensy, ayurvedic doses) to yoga class. (I’m the kind who insists on reapplying lipgloss in the middle of a wilderness hike.)

I own Fleur Oriental in the pure parfum version, which smells incredibly soft and rich. The bottle stopper is a cube of beveled glass that makes me feel like 30s movie star as I use it to anoint myself in secret places.

Visit www.millerharris.com for shops and stockists

Katie discusses the “smutty musk” of Le Labo Labdanum 18 on her YouTube channel, KatiePuckrikSmells:

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