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Katie Puckrik ON Aug 14, 2009 AT 1:19 pm

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses
By Katie Puckrik

My YouTube fragrance show, KatiePuckrikSmells, has been running for about ten months now. It’s been a sharp learning curve – I now understand that coral lip gloss makes me look like I’ve been kissing peanut butter, that Britney Spears’ fans will violently defend their troubled goddess’ right to flash her honeytrap (sample comment, “Even at her crackiest, Britney is more fabulous than you will EVER be, bitch!”), and that my sidekick, Rodrigo the Perfume Dog, is more charming on camera than I – or Britney – will ever be. Bitch.

One of the perks of being a YouTube “guru” is connecting with like-minded fumeheads. It was my Burger King “Flame” review that reeled in my perfume pen pal, Dan Rolleri. “Perfume Pen Pals” is now a regular feature on my blog, in which Dan and I face off on major Fragrance Nerd issues of the day. And it was Dan who got me squeeeing about By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses, which he’d sent me in a care package of decants from his Donatella Versace-sized collection. Out of his 130 bottles, LD is just about his very favorite. The note included in his care package described it thusly: “It’s a plum jam that’s as gorgeous as the most gorgeous thing you can imagine. Quick: think of something gorgeous. Liaisons Dangereuses is more gorgeous, I bet you!”

By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses

By Kilian Liaisons Dangereuses

Dan makes no secret of his willingness to try any fragrance, be it designed for men, women or babies (I think he draws the line at dog cologne). However, even he might have winced a little at the reaction of the gal who works at my local perfume shop, when I told her that it was a guy who’d shared his LD with me.

“But Liaisons Dangereuses is a fruity floral! For prom queens! And he’s straight?”

I’ll leave it to Dan to defend his manhood – or whatever they’re calling it nowadays – to Ashley at the Scent Bar. In the meantime, let’s crack the nut on Liaisons D, which for the record is listed as unisex, Ashley.

Liaisons Dangereuses smells like a tea party in a rose garden. In heaven. This insanely beautiful eau de parfum opens on blackcurrant, with its bitter-berry sweetness. There’s the smell of fragrant leaves, a little minty, crushed under your picnic blanket. Then, it explodes into wine and roses and peaches, along with that plum jam Dan mentioned. It’s an extremely dense fragrance, with every last inch of the canvas painted in voluptuous swirls of indecently ripe fruit. The roses here are alive, unplucked – fresh and zesty, rather than soft and powdery.

The name seems a bit of a misnomer, though. If there are any liaisons going on here, they’re not very dangereuses. LD is filled with light and life and magic. Much of the magic is in the scent’s development, which moves out of the sunshine and into twilight as the fruit recedes and the moss creeps forward. The drydown is quietly lush, with creamy woods supporting wisps of rose and spice.

Liaisons Dangereuses is a crowd pleaser – I get compliments every time I wear it. And so does Dan, he tells me. And those prom queens are probably getting results, too.

Liaisons Dangereuses info & stockist: http://www.bykilian.com/

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