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Reader Mail: My Office Hates My Perfume
By Katie Puckrik

Hello Katie,
I am Lalaine, from the Philippines. I am a graphic artist in an advertising agency, and my colleagues get irritated because of my perfume use. And I don’t over spray – I only spritz once, and the two younger guys who share my office react to it like a bad odor, covering their noses.

But my perfumes are quality, like Paris Hilton Fairy Dust and Just Me, Elizabeth Arden Pretty, and Guess for Woman. I don’t know if they are just not used to women smelling ok, or if they are just stupid. Or if they just don’t want to get attracted to me due to the perfume.

They cover their noses on my fruity perfumes, and then when I wear florals, they say I smell like a funeral. There is no pleasing them. Though I am not trying to attract them because they are just young boys — I just wear perfume because I like its scent on me.

Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Elizabeth Arden Pretty

Now I wear my perfumes only when leaving the office at night or just when I’m at home. Help – I do not want to stop using my perfumes just because of them. What would you do if you were in the same situation?


Oh Lalaine, this is like a perfume version of “He’s Just Not That Into You”. Instead of the heroine twisting herself into a pretzel assigning a psychological M.O. for why a man isn’t calling her, you’ve come up with a list of reasons (social retardation, latent sexual attraction, all-encompassing stupidity) for why the guys in your office say they hate your perfume.

And while your colleagues may or may not fit your psychological profiling (personally, my money’s on social retardation), the real reason why they say they hate your perfume is…THEY HATE YOUR PERFUME.

And while I’m throwing my money around on “social retardation”, I’m willing to bet further that any perfume you might wear, whether Paris’ finest (Fairy Dust) or Paris’ finest (Chanel or Guerlain), would trigger the two stooges’ pantomime nose-pinching.

I think the main problem here is that you’re applying your perfume right in the office, in the middle of everyone’s workspace, and perfume fresh out of bottle is not fit to smelled by anyone. It needs time for the alcohol to burn off and for the scent to bloom on your skin – and for the initial cloud of fragrance to dissipate into something more subtle and inviting.

As perfumer Geza Schoen says, “You don’t want to get on someone’s nerves with your scent. You want them to come closer and undress you instantly, because of it.”

Okay, so maybe you don’t want anyone undressing you instantly (especially those clowns at work), but you get the general idea. Do your one spritz at home, and by the time you get to the office, it’ll be “Lalaine smells so good!” not “Here comes the funeral. Again.”

Also, perfume oils are a perfect way to sneak in some under-the-radar fragrance. Fragrance from oils stay close to the skin, allowing you the freedom to enjoy your luscious smell without commentary from the peanut gallery.

Good luck on fighting for your perfume rights!


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