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Reader Request: I Want to Smell Like My Dog’s Paws
By Katie Puckrik

Hey Puckrik,

I’m a dog person and my number one comfort scent is the smell of dog’s paws. Go ahead and stick your nose between Rodrigo’s toes.

Did you smell Fritos? I know it is most likely just the smell of their sweat, but I associate the smell with “happy dog” and it immediately makes me relaxed and content. Now, I don’t want to go rubbing corn chips over my body, but is there anything out there that would push similar olfactory buttons?


Mike, I’m trying to focus on pushing olfactory buttons and not the gag reflex, because if you saw where Rodrigo was walking today, you would not be sticking your nose anywhere near his toes. But for the sake of argument, I’ll go with a dog’s paws smelling like Fritos, and not like a decaying chicken carcass fished out of the garbage.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine

I’ve been asked some “challenging” perfume questions before, but this one’s gotta be the challenging-est. Quite shockingly, I do believe I have some answers for you, none of which involve corn chips. So put away your bean dip, and sniff out the following “pawfect” smells.

To my mind, dog paw-like odor components include salt, popcorn, hay, musk, and leather, all of which are quite reasonable perfume ingredients.

L’Artisan Parfumeur Bois Farine is kind of a long shot, but is worth a try for its unusual yeasty/bready focus, which is what sun-salted skin (or paws) conjures for me. King of the Sheer Fumes Jean-Claude Ellena cooked this one up, and fans describe it as a comfort scent with an almond aspect. The less enchanted complain about its unappealing peanut butteriness.

I’m more confident about recommending By Kilian Pure Oud, my favourite out of these funky wood resin perfumes that have recently become so fashionable. It skips over the medicinal, latex/cheesy quality of many ouds and snuggles right into a salty, leathery, musky umminess. Pure Oud is undeniably animalic, but not in a foul “night-soil” kind of way. We’re talking puppy tummy, here.

My favourite “happy dog” fragrance for you is L’Artisan Parfumeur Dzing!. It’s a little bit barnyard, a little bit popcorn. It’s warm and leathery and salty-sweet. And if you don’t say it smells like a dog’s paw, I’ll…I’ll…I’ll sniff Rodrigo’s toes!


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