Puckrik on Perfume: Miller Harris L’Air de Rien and Un Petit Rien (Part 2)

Mimi ON Apr 30, 2010 AT 10:44 am

Petit Un Rien


But Un Petit Rien, which I didn’t even know existed until Miller Harris slung me a surprise bottle, is a whole ‘nother story. Un Petit Rien is the Cliff Notes version of L’Air. There’s no halitosis here, no staleness — just a powdery little puff of summer weight incense.

It reminds me of the incense in my beloved Fleur Oriental, also by Miller Harris: burred, warm, cozy. And as in L’Air de Rien, there’s a haze of neroli’s happy orange at the opening, but instead of getting sucked into Dad’s pipe, here it stays present, applying a bit of friction against the dusty ambered incense with an effect similar to Guerlain Habit Rouge.

The Miller Harris peeps tell me that rather than just a re-jig, Un Petit Rien is an entirely new formulation to L’AdR, calling it “clearer, brighter and lighter”. Can I get an “amen”, people? The family resemblance is still there, but Un Petit Rien throws open the doors and windows in Papa’s den and ventilates L’AdR’s oppressiveness. The fact that it’s a cologne strength, rather than an eau de parfum, assists the overall sheerness.

And though this may sound too fume-nerd-fussy to even mention, Un Petit Rien’s atomizer delivers the finest, mistiest mist ever. It’s ridiculously pleasurable to spray on the skin, in a way that makes me wonder why more fragrance houses don’t focus on this simple aspect of packaging. Spray misty for me, indeed.

In the way that my enchantment with Chanel No. 5 Eau Premiere made Chanel No. 5 more accessible for me, Un Petit Rien has opened me up to the appeal of L’Air de Rien’s musty, “personal space” smell. It’s still not for me, not today, but I may get there yet. But as for Un Petit Rien — call the caterers, it’s love!

L’Air de Rien and Un Petit Rien available from www.millerharris.com

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