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Katie Puckrik ON May 15, 2009 AT 11:39 am

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

Katie Puckrik: Photographer Martin Shaw

When not sniffing up a storm, Katie Puckrik is a broadcaster, performer and journalist. Her television hosting work in the US and UK  encompasses the entire pop culture pu-pu platter. Her writing has appeared in Elle, Marie Claire and The Guardian. She began her career as a singer and dancer, including a tour across the globe with the Pet  Shop Boys. Her memoir, Shooting From the Lip, is published by Headline.  Her perfume review channel, KatiePuckrikSmells, can be seen on YouTube.

Read on below for the second instalment of her regular Friday column.

Tropical Noir
ByKatie Puckrik

Summer is winking at us from a distance, giving us “the know you want me” come-on. If you’re too impatient to wait for Mother Nature to get her ass in gear (or you live in the southern hemisphere, where winter beckons) now’s the time to splash on some Tahiti-in-a-bottle.

If your idea of Polynesian paradise involves cartoon coconuts dancing around neon fruits in lollypop leis, then I can confidently direct you to Gwen Stefani’s Harajuku Lovers line. G, in the Gwen Stefani doll-bottle, is the most fully realized tropical juice in the series, while her cutesy cohorts Music, Li’l Angel, Love and Baby offer variations on a fruit punch/floral musk theme.

If you like your leis a little dirty around the edges, then step right up to the tropical noir of Manoumalia, by Swiss niche house LesNez. Manoumalia exudes “Night of the Iguana” dissipation, rather than “South Pacific” banality. This eau de toilette is composed around native Polynesian flowers puakenikeni (so fun to say out loud!) and tiare, which smell gardenia-like.

These notes are tuberose-y, but without the sharp sweetness that can make your throat itch. The florals are preceded by a vetiver opening, which is dry and grassy – almost wheaty.

The combination grows simultaneously creamy and salty as Manoumalia blooms on the skin, and an almost-rubbery almond note appears. By the time the sandalwood and ylang-ylang emerge, this thing turns into a midnight hanky-panky excursion to the “adults only” beach.

The sandalwood and ylang combine to lend an overripe, “personal” smell to the mix, but the overall effect is very sexy, with the skank just present enough to signal your bad intentions. Soft, lush and sinister: this Manoumalia ain’t no Malibu Barbie.

Info and stockists
LesNez http://www.lesnez.com/index.html
Harajuku Lovers http://www.hlfragrance.com/

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