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Katie Puckrik ON Apr 16, 2010 AT 10:38 am

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PoP Continued…

Cartier L’Heure Promise

I first encountered L’Heure Promise when I reviewed Cartier’s five Les Heures de Parfums. Initially, I was just paying a courtesy call on L’HP, eager to hustle over to L’Heure Mystérieuse, the incense bomb bellowing, “Puckrik! Get your hindquarters over here NOW.”

I didn’t really think L’Heure Promise’s sharp, dry iris was my favorite time of the perfume clock, but then, the nuzzly-as-a-puppy-pile sandalwood drydown made me reset my watch.

This one is as “laundry fresh” as I’m ever gonna get, clean with a hint of salty skin. It’s a quietly optimistic perfume, just the thing for a season of new possibilities.

Penhaligon’s Amarinthine

Sexy teen Heidi spent all morning milking the goats in a sunny flower meadow, and this is what her sweater smelled like when the sweaty village boy unbuttoned it later.

Guerlain Après L’Ondée

Après L’Ondée is a watercolor iris living in a vibration between powder and smoke. Its paleness has an almost metallic sheen.

Après L’Ondée starts with the faded sweetness of vintage lipstick, and finishes by putting the idea of green in your head, without ever really smelling like plants or leaves. A symbolic transition from indoors to outdoors – the perfect match for spring.

Dayna Decker Bardou Essence Crème

I did actually buy a spring-like perfume recently, and it was Bardou. The Dayna Decker line has some song and dance about being all natural/no parabens/animal friendly, but all I know is that when I opened the jar of Bardou “body butter”, I just wanted to dive in and live there.

It’s the freshest, greenest, most alive rose I’ve ever smelled. While Bardou comes in an eau de parfum as well as a high-tech body gel, it was the perfume cream, thick with shea butter and jojoba oil, that really put the fling in my spring.

The sheer decadence of smearing what smells like an entire rose field at dawn over my winter-desiccated skin is almost obscene. And the feel of the cool, dense crème is rich, but not too greasy.

My teeninesy carp about Bardou is that the pepper which supplies a bit of a punch at the beginning is the last guy to leave the party at the end. But I’ll tolerate the pepper sidekick, if it means I get to hang out with that superstar rose.

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