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ila spa

ila-spa's founder Denise Leicester

Nearly everyone and every company talk about ‘going green’ and ‘being pure’ but very rarely does any of them actually hold true to what they claim is so important.  However, it’s safe to say ila-spa is an exception to this.

All the ingredients in ila products come from a naturally derived plants or minerals and they are as pure as possible.

Founder of ila-spa, Denise Leicester, said; “When I first ventured into the field of ‘organic’ ingredients for the ila product range, it was primarily because I wanted to bring a contemporary product line to the market which truly reflected, and held, the ancient wisdom and purity of the earth”.

ila spa

Rainforest Renew Night Cream

That’s why, for ila, everything starts with purity—every ingredient, every process, every blend.  Ila is the Sanskrit word for earth—and every ingredient in ila’s products comes from the earth.

Not only does ila use only pure products, it also works to keep the cultural purity of the tribes and communities they work with. 

Denise says, “They have always been ‘organic’ as a matter of principal because what underlies their every action is respect and honour for the earth.  They have a true relationship and respect with Mother Earth which we, in modern life, have lost.”

The Rainforest range works with the Kayapo tribe of the Amazon Rainforest who Denise believes to be the true guardians of the forest and the only way forward in preserving the sacred forests.

ila spa

Other products by ila-Spa

In Morocco, ila works exclusively with the ancient Berber tribe, the women of this tribe are keepers of the Argan trees which are only found in the lower Atlas Mountains.  The Berber people harvest the nuts and turn it into the Argan Oil ila uses in its products.

In India, ila works with a family to distil the Rose Damascena through a centuries old method which uses only solar energy.  In Kashmir, pink salt crystals, which were formed hundreds of millions of years ago, are mined from rocks.

We had the pleasure of meeting Denise the other day and she’s truely inspiring. She started from nothing and built her empire by visiting the tribes she sources from on her own. Plus, she fervently promotes the use of only the best products (like her use of concentrated Rose Oil that goes for thousands of pounds per gallon) so you know your paying for truely beneficial products rather than the gumph you usually get from ‘spa’ products. We would wholeheartedly recommend this range, especially their Face Oil for glowing radiance, it’s divine!

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